Some Demons have the ability to manifest part of their Daemon's true form. These are aspects of the Daemon and its power, called Visages. Each Visage has a rank and may have a prerequisite. Most Visages are associated with a particular Domain and require the Demon to possess that Domain. There are a few Visages that are considered general and are universal to all Demons.
Visages are limited (and gained) by the the trait called Visages. The Visages trait is ranked 0-5. This trait represents how much the Demon can change his physical form to reveal his true self. The Demon's rank in Visages is the maximum rank of any Visage he may possess.

Gaining Visages:
1) At character creation, a player may substitute Domain dots for Visage dots (See: Character Creation).
2) Every time the Visages trait increases, the Demon gains a free Visage of a rank less than or equal to the new Visage trait rank. This includes trait increases due to consumption of another Demon (See: Consumption).
3) Visages may be bought with experience points, although no Visage may be bought that has a higher rank than the Demon's Visage trait.

For a Demon to reveal a Visage, he must expend one point of Faith and spend one round to enact the change. This expenditure is for each Visage to be revealed. A Demon may reveal multiple Visages in a round, if he is able to spend more than one point of Faith per round (limited by Dominion).

Creating New Visages
There are a lot of similarities between Visages and Domains.
The main differences between them:
1) Visages are (usually physical) changes to the Demon. They are usually obvious changes. So most do not affect the world directly.
2) Visages, with some exceptions, last the whole scene when activated.
3) Visages do not have Turmoil effects. Some may actually have Psyche Prerequisites (high or low Psyche for example), but no Turmoil versions.
4) In general, there is no dice rolling to activate or use Visages. Visages are activated by spending Faith.
Note: Not all Visages follow these rules. There are exceptions, but most should follow the above rules unless they have a good reason not to.

Accelerated Sight (•)
Prerequisite: Wits ••
The Demon is able to see things as if they were moving at much slower speeds. This includes flying bullets and subliminal message flashes in movie theaters. This Visage is normally visible as eyes blurring over as they move so quickly their details cannot be made out. Not only does this Visage grant the Demon the ability to see things that are "quicker than the eye", but it also give the Demon a bonus dice on Perception rolls involving fast moving objects.

Armor (• to •••, plus •)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon's skin thickens or bone like plates form over his body, giving the Demon one point of armor for each point spent (to a maximum of three points). This armor is equally effective against firearms and general attacks. If the Demon spends one additional point, the armor is considered bulletproof. The appearance of the armor depends on the Demon and the power level of the Visage.

Blinding Beauty (•••)
Prerequisite: Striking Looks ••
When this Visage is active, the Demon is supernaturally beautiful to onlookers. So beautiful, in fact, that the weak willed have trouble looking away. Those that see the Demon must roll Wits + Composure to look away. The Demon gains three dice to Manipulation rolls (save Intimidation). Unfortunately, this extra attention make the Demon easy to spot, giving others a three dice bonus to notice her (including when the Demon is trying to hide).

Camera Shy (••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon’s image can not be captured in a photograph or with a video camera.

Camouflage (•• to ••••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon can change her appearance to blend in with the surroundings. For two points, the Demon may shift colors that generally mimic the environment. For three points, the skin colors closely mimic the background, no matter the point of view. For four points, the patterns are sharp and instantly shift, so that individual leaves move across the skin. This includes heat patterns as well (so infrared sensors are likewise affected), but not sound or scent. In game terms, the Demon gains a bonus to Stealth rolls equal to the number of points spent on this Visage. This bonus only applies to rolls made to remain hidden from sight.

Celestial Flame (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon is sheathed in a white flame that does not burn, but provides armor against any supernatural attack. The Demon gains an armor rating equal to the Visage rating. This armor only works against direct supernatural attacks such as a jet of fire from the hand of another Demon or a psychic assault by a Mind Mage. If the damage is indirectly supernatural, such as a bite from a zombie, the armor does nothing.

Dark Sight (•)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon can see without the benefit of light. In absolute darkness, she sees as if it were a gloomy day. Lesser amounts of light, from starlight to the ambient glow from a cell-phone screen, provide enough illumination for the Demon to see without penalty. In pitch blackness, the Demon’s eyes glow red or glitter with faint starlight.

Displacement (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon appears to be any where from a few inches to a few feet from his actual location or perhaps he appears fractured, like incoherent pieces of a mirror. Each dot of this Visage provides a point of Armor. This Armor functions against ranged and melee attacks as well as attempts to grapple or touch the Demon, but not against damage from overpower maneuvers once grappled. This Displacement armor stacks with physical armors, but is useless if the attacker can see through illusion or achieves exceptional successes on on a Perception roll to see past the displacement.

Double Strike (•••)
Prerequisite: Dexterity ••
The Demon moves with blurring speed and is able to attack an opponent an additional time per round. The Demon keeps his Defense when using this Visage, but may only attack the same opponent with his additional attack. This effect stacks with Fighting Style Merits that allow a second attack, giving the Demon a third attack. Although, if the Merit makes the Demon loose his Defense, the Demon still looses his Defense.

Enhance Attribute (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: None
This Visage allows the Demon to temporarily increase the rating of the associated Attribute by the Visage rating. By spending a Faith point, the Demon increases an Attribute by his rating in the Visage for one scene. The Attribute is selected when the Visage is purchased. This Visage can be purchased multiple times. Each time it is purchased, it relates to another Attribute. Example: Jane's Demon, Selina, has the Visage"Enhance Dexterity" at 3. By spending one Faith point, before her character gets thrown off of the roof of a tall building, she increases her characters Dexterity from its normal rating of 4 to 7 for the remainder of the scene. Just in time for her to grab that flagpole sticking out of the side of the building. Jane can also buy "Enhance Stamina" to do the same with her character's Stamina in case, the next time, there is no flagpole.

Extra Limb (•••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon grows an additional limb, be it a tail, leg, branch or arm. The effects depend on the nature of the limb: a tail would add a die to rolls involving balance, while extra arms would add to grapple or climbing rolls. Multiple extra limbs are possible, but each extra limb must be bought with separate Visages.

Featherlight (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon is lighter than normal when taking on the aspects of the wind and air. There are multiple benefits to this. The first is that he does not fall as hard, taking less damage when falling from any height. Subtract the Visage rating from any falling damage (Lethal or Bashing). The storyteller is responsible for determining if this benefit stacks with any other damage reduction. The second works if the Demon has the capability of flight (through wings or other means). He can add this Visage rating to his speed when flying. The third multiplies the distance or height of any jump (or being thrown) by this Visage's rank.

Fiery Blood (••••)
Prerequisite: Stamina •••
The Demon's blood it made of liquid fire. While this Visage is active, anything that comes in direct contact with the Demon's blood takes an automatic point of fire (Lethal) damage. This damage ignores durability up to half of the Demon's Dominion rank rounded down (whether supernatural durabilities are affected is up to the Storyteller). The Fiery Blood only damages what it comes in contact with. Lethal damage attacks usually spill blood. A claw rake will give the attacker burned claws while a sword attack will melt part of the sword. The Demon is immune to his own blood's effects. The Demon is even able to use his blood as an attack, if he is willing to injure himself (taking 1 Lethal) to open a vein and fling the blood in a Dex + Athletics roll.

Firewalk (•••)
Prerequisite: Stamina ••
The Demon is resistant to harm from normal flames. The Demon may shrug off three levels of fire damage per turn, and may spend Faith to reduce the damage further. Each point of Faith spent during a turn negates an additional two points of fire damage. For fire damage ratings, see page 180 in the World of Darkness Rulebook.

Float (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: Featherlight •••
The Demon floats instead of falling to Earth. For a number of rounds equal to this Visage's rank, the Demon floats on the air. He can simply walk (or run) on air at his normal speed (plus any speed gained by the Featherlight Visage) or simply stand over an open manhole. The power is activated by spending a point of Faith reflexively. The Demon can then float for a number of continuous rounds equal to the Visage rank. Once the number of rounds equal to the Visage rank have expired, the Visage "turns off". The Demon has the option of spending a point of Faith reflexively to reactivate it for the Visage rank in rounds each time it is about to deactivate.

Halo (• or ••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon is sheathed in the classic aura of light. While the light emitted can be seen by any observers, it does not provide area light for seeing in the dark. What this halo does, is to impress upon observers the "heavenly nature" of the Demon. Giving the Demon an extra dice (or two for the two point Visage) to Social rolls like Persuasion or Intimidation.

Heavy Bones (••)
Prerequisite: Strength •••
The Demon's bones are super-dense. The Demon gains an addition three points of Defense against bashing attacks. Unfortunately, the Demon is heavier than he looks; he loses a die from all rolls involving fast movement, swimming and climbing.

Infectious (••••)
Prerequisite: Stamina •••
Your blood, bite or fluids are infectious in the worst way. They create zombies. While the infection does not kill, it will raise those that die in the same scene as being infected. This Visage does not give the Demon any control over any zombies created. See the Antagonists book for details on the creation of zombies. These zombies are created with a number of aspect points equal to the Demon's Dominion score and automatically possess the weaknesses of "Short-Lived" and "Vulnerability" (without gaining the extra aspect points).

Inhuman Reflexes(•• or ••••)
Prerequisite: None
With fox-like reflexes, the Demon can outdraw a gunfighter. This Visage grants +1 to Initiative and Defense. For two additional points, the bonus increases to +2.

Magnetic Field (•••)
Prerequisite: Strength ••
The Demons body emits a strong magnetic field sometimes causing small loose metal objects to jump and stick to the Demon. With contact, the field is so strong that if someone wishes to remove an item from the Demon (such as a sword they just attacked them with), they must roll Strength vs. the Demons Strength + Dominion. Although the field is strong Demon is able to remove objects from himself easily. The field is even strong enough to support the Demons weight, if touching something like a steel girder. Unfortunately, the field is so strong that bullets want to hit him, giving attackers an extra dice when firing at the Demon. Luckily for the Demon's friends, anyone shot at within one yard per the Demon's Dominion score receives an extra dot of armor as the bullets are pulled towards the Demon instead.

Many Eyes (•••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon sprouts extra eyes, popping up anywhere (and sometimes everywhere) on her body. These extra eyes allow the Demon to see all around her in 360-degrees and provides a two dice bonus to all Perception rolls. Any vision based Evocation or Visage works through these eyes as they do through the Demons two normal eyes.

Natural Weaponry (• +)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon grows claws, fangs, horns or some other form of natural weapon. Each attack mode (bite, claw, gore, etc.) must be bought as a separate Visage. One point spent will add one die to an appropriate attack mode. Damage is bashing, but becomes lethal for an additional point. Bite attacks that are developed by means of this Visage do not require a grapple, and are made without penalty; the Demon’s jaws may distend in ways that a human jaw does not. For example, a Demon that developed bony protrusions on its fists with a damage code of 1 (B) and a bite with the damage code of 3 (L) would have a Level 1 Visage and a Level 4 Visage — one to create a bashing attack mode with one bonus die, three to create another bashing attack mode with one bonus die, and one to upgrade one of these attack modes to lethal.

Pestilence (•••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon's corpse is covered in pustules that fester with putrefaction, anything that strikes him in melee is splattered by the pus and risks infection (Use rules for yellow fever)

Poison (• +)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon produces venom, deliverable through glands in the skin, fangs, or even in an aerosol from the mouth. The poison’s Toxicity is 2 plus the number of points spent on this Visage. The type of poison and its vector of delivery must be determined upon taking this Visage. By default, the poison is injected; the ability to exhale a poisonous gas or secrete a contact poison costs two extra points. The poison inflicts damage once every hour until 24 hours have passed or the victim has died; spending two points increases the rate of effect to once per minute. The target may resist using Stamina + Resolve + Dominion. The damage is bashing by default, and can be upgraded to lethal by spending an extra point. The Demon is immune to its own venom. For more information on poisons and toxins, see World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 180.

Regeneration (••••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon‘s regeneration rates are incredible healing 1 Bashing per turn. The Demon may reflexively spend one point of Faith per turn to regenerate a Lethal level of Damage.

Sandy Flesh (••••)
Prerequisite: Stamina •••
The Demon's body is made of sand. Because of this, any slashing attack (usually lethal) damage on the Demon is halved (round up). Aggravated and Bashing damage of any kind is treated normally.

Sharp Senses (••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon’s senses are especially keen. She can identify a friend by scent, or hear the earthworms in the tunnels beneath her feet. She receives +2 to all perception rolls, and may track by scent. The Demon can heighten or dampen her senses as a reflexive action.

Towering Form (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: None
Each level provides a +1 to Size so 1 dot gives an average (size 5) character a size of 6. The 1st, 3rd and 5th level of this Visage adds 1 Strength, 1 Stamina and 1 Armor vs. Bashing only. but reduces Defense by 1. So with all 5 Levels the Demon would have +3 Strength and Stamina, 3 Armor vs. Bashing and -3 to his Defense (cannot reduce Defense below 0).

Wallcrawling (•••)
Prerequisite: Strength ••
The Demon may have microscopic hooks or octopus-like suckers on its hands and feet, or secrete some form of adhesive. He can grab and hang on to things and people with ease, and even climb sheer surfaces. The Demon gains two bonus dice to grapple checks and climbing checks. In addition, he does not suffer penalties to climbing rolls for lack of tools, a sheer slope or lack of hand holds. The Demon can turn the ability on and off as a reflexive action.

Water Breathing (••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon can breathe water as well as air. It takes a standard action to transition between
breathing states; the Demon must expel air (in water) or cough up water (in air) before breathing in the current environment.

Wings (••• or •••••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon grows wings. The effect depends on the level of the Visage. Level 3, gives the character the ability to 'glide'. He takes no damage from falling and he can glide up to three times the height of the fall in horizontal distance. Level 5, actually allows him to fly at his normal speed.

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