"Urges, urges. These restless urges. He don't wanna talk about. Urges, urges. Can't stop the urges.
Lock them out." - Urges, by Thomas Dolby

Daemons are the Demon's source of power, but that power is not always controllable. Demons can feel Urges from their Daemon compelling them to preform some action that the character would not normally do. Urges are rarely harmful to the character, but can cause him problems.

Game Mechanics:
The Storyteller determines when the Demon character is Urged. The trigger usually has something to do with one of the Demon's Domains, or something that opposes one.
If the player wishes for his character to resist the Urge, he rolls his character's Psyche rating vs. the Storyteller's Urge pool (See: Dominion). If the player wins, his character successfully resists the Urging of the Daemon. If the Storyteller wins, the character succumbs to the Urge. Ties are re-rolled and result in no action for around, while the character internally debates with himself. The player can spend a Willpower point for three extra dice on this roll.

Possible Modifiers
to Psyche Roll

+1 - Urge goes against character's Virtue
+3 - Player spends a Willpower point

to Urge Roll
+1 - Urge is in line with character's Virtue or Vice (count only once)
+2 - Character is out of Faith
-2 - Character is full on Faith (Faith pool is at max.)
-1 to 3 - Character will be hurt (socially, mentally or physically) by the Urge

The good news on Urges is that, if a character doesn't resist the Urge, he automatically gains a point of Faith from preforming the action. Although a failed effort to resist an Urge does not result in the Faith gain. The character must give in to the Urge to gain the Faith.

Troy's character, Sparky, is a fire Demon. While walking down the hallway of the hotel he is staying at, Sparky sees a fire hose in its box on the wall. The storyteller informs Troy that Sparky feels the urge to disable this device that could be used to put out fires. Troy is worried that someone might get hurt if he tampers with the hose, so he rolls his character's Psyche, garnering zero successes vs. the Storyteller's 1 success. Sparky pulls out his pocket knife and cuts the hose off near the valve, making sure that it still looks connected.
Later that night, Sparky goes to a bonfire party and feels the urge to light the fire earlier than the host desired. Troy lets his character go with the flow and Sparky throws an extra gallon of gas on the wood before flipping a lit match at it. The party host is pissed at Sparky, but Sparky doesn't care as he feels the rush of the flames gaining a point of Faith.

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