The House Of The Coming Darkness

Demons of this House are perhaps some of the most diverse in their opinion of their House’s true purpose and how it should be executed. Some Demons see the coming darkness as an ultimate end. Still others of this House think the coming darkness will only be the hour before a new dawn and that their purpose is to open this gate to the future.
Nickname: Ravagers

The Modi:
Merging – Few of the Fused join the House of Coming Darkness. Those that do, usually have souls that have been corrupted by hate. This hate fuels the Demon’s desire for an end that the Coming Darkness promises.
Possession – Those Daemons that are from the darkness itself compose many of Thieves that have joined the ranks of this House.
Reanimation – Possibly the largest portion of the House, these Demons see their return to the land of the living as an undead creature a sign that the end is near and cannot be stopped.
Rebirth – The Reborn are rare in this House. Most are recruited with the idea that the darkness will bring new light.
Revivication – Dark Urges control most of these Demons, but many have seen the darkness at the end of their own lives and believe that the world will be revived as they were.

Views on other Houses:
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