The House Of Mortal Desires

Folklore is filled with stories of men and women making “deals with the devil”. Many of these stories are based on the Demons of this House. So named for the manner in which Demons of this House work towards the goal of power. However, they do not wish to be in direct control, they seek to be uncrowned kings, the powers behind the Throne. Some Demons infiltrate important government agencies and influence policy while others seek to make members of such agencies reliant on what they can do for them.
Nickname: Faustians

The Modi:
Merging –
Possession –
Reanimation –
Rebirth –
Revivication – These Demons seek to feed their own desires in those of the normal man.

Views on other Houses:
Coming Darkness –
Enlightenment –
Judges –
Resurgence –

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