The House Of Judges

Amid what little can be truly known about the true histories of the Demonic Houses it is generally accepted that the House of Judges was the last to be formed. The House of Judges serves the single purpose of adjudicating disputes between the other Houses. This may seem to place a significant amount of status and influence in the hands of members of this House, but the truth is quite the opposite. Judges are jury and executioner as well, but bound by oaths to preserve peace between the Houses without passion or prejudice. If it becomes evident that a Judge is biased in his rulings, his own House’s censure is swift and merciless. That’s not to say there are none that seek to circumvent the system. A few Judges feel the most effective way to insure peace would be to have one house rule the others, and those wish to transform the House of Judges into a House of Lords.
Nickname: Arbitrators

The Modi:
Merging – These Demons can see both sides of an argument fairly easily and make up a majority of the House.
Possession –
Reanimation –
Rebirth –
Revivication –

Views on other Houses:
Coming Darkness –
Enlightenment –
Mortal Desires –
Resurgence –

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