The House Of Enlightenment

Demons of this House seek to understand the nature of their existence as it stands now. No Demon questions the power gained by the Daemon, but many question its replacement of a soul. What is a soul compared to a Daemon? Why does a Daemon work as a substitute for one? Many believe that they are here for the betterment of mankind. They use their abilities to answer their own questions as well as to help those in need.
Nickname: Reconcilers

The Modi:
Merging – The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The Fused sometimes see how making things better for one makes it better for everyone.
Possession – Some of these Demons see their Joining as a new lease on life and do whatever they can to help others who need second chances like theirs.
Reanimation – Few of the Undead join this House, but those that do seek the reasons for their continued existence past death.
Rebirth – Many of the Reborn join this House to understand their existence, since they cannot remember why they are as they are.
Revivication – Being brought back from the dead can make many normal people seek answers, these Demons are no different.

Views on other Houses:
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