Modus of Revivication

When a person dies, there soul moves on to wherever it is destined. However, at the moment of death, a Daemon can slip in just behind the soul as it is leaving. Once the Daemon gets in, it is able to breathe life back into the body like blowing on the glowing embers of a fire that has gone out. Even at death, a body isn’t quite dead. Doctors revive patients every day, pumping chemicals into their blood and shocking their hearts back to beating. Demons are more than capable of performing this task.
Nickname: Salvager
Boon: Breathing life back into a body by a Daemon enhances the body’s natural healing powers. The Demon has the equivalent of the 4 Dot "Quick Healer" Merit from page 113 of the Core World of Darkness book, without the need to meet its prerequisite.
Bane: Thanks to the Demon’s new quest for life, Urges are more difficult to resist (See: Urges). Dice pools to resist Urges are halved (round down).


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