Modus of Rebirth

There is a story that has been twisted by mortal man about a Daemon that became a man once in order to experience the mortal coil. The story is famous and told mostly by those that don’t know the actual truth. Those that do know the truth, speak of it rarely, since drawing the attention of another power is not usually a good thing. These Demons have grown up as humans, but have always known something about them was different. At some point, usually after adolescence or during a life altering event, they realize their abilities and come into power.
Nickname: Reborn
Boon: Some people hit the genetic lottery and are simply beautiful. The Reborn don’t need to play that lottery since their bodies were designed by their Daemon. These Demons are usually beyond gorgeous and hansom. Reborn characters receive the 2 dot Striking Looks merit for free. Of course, a player can spend 2 additional merit points to have the 4 dot version, if desired.
Bane: Demons that are Reborn do not have memory of their Daemon’s existence. They only remember their lives growing up as a human. Because of this, no Demon in the Modus of Rebirth may have the Legacy Merit. All knowledge beyond the life of being human is lost.


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