Modified Advantage: Psyche (Morality)

The Demon's Psyche is the part of him trying to fit into the world. Demons are rejected by this realm. It is only by burdening himself with this Psyche that a Demon can maintain his grip on this world. Morals are not something that most Demons bring with them to the material world. To a god of fire, killing is not wrong, unless it causes a fire to go out. Mankind has new gods now, gods that control the world (or vice versa). This world of man and his new gods, forces the gods of old to act like men or be expelled. Game wise, whenever a player would need to roll his character's Morality, they will now roll Psyche. Consider ranks in Psyche the same as if they were in Morality for any rolls involving Morality. If Dominion is a measure of how much of the Demon has returned, Psyche is a measure of how much the Demon has become like man in order to stay.

As an optional rule, Storytellers may allow those players applying the Demon template during character creation to trade dots of Psyche for experience points. This trade-in reflects some past action(s) that he learned from (accounting for the added experience points), but which also scarred him deeply (explaining the loss in Psyche). Players may sacrifice one dot of Psyche for five experience points, dropping their characters’ Psyche scores to as low as five (for a maximum of 10 extra experience points).

Psyche is also used when performing Domain Evocations to combat Turmoil (see: Domains)

Psyche Bans
10 Any Demonic effect in front of a mortal. Selfish thoughts. (Roll five dice.)
9 Domain use in front of a mortal. Minor selfish act (withholding charity). (Roll five dice.)
8 Using Domain against a mortal. Injury to another (accidental or otherwise). (Roll four dice.)
7 Domain use for personal gain. Petty theft (shoplifting). (Roll four dice.)
6 Taking Faith from mortals. Grand theft (burglary). (Roll three dice.)
5 Creating a Thrall. Intentional, mass property damage (arson). (Roll three dice.)
4 Embracing Turmoil. Impassioned crime (manslaughter). (Roll three dice.)
3 Reaping Faith. Planned crime (murder). (Roll two dice.)
2 Ravaging Thralls. Casual/callous crime (serial murder). (Roll two dice.)
1 Consumption of a soul or Demon. Utter perversion, heinous act (mass murder). (Roll two dice.)
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