Modus of Possession

Technically all methods of return are possession; although, this one is unique from normal possession. Human beings have souls. Souls are powerful and set humans apart from the rest. But, in this world, there are people without souls. They have lost them somehow. A soul can be lost in many ways, most involve them being taken by some supernatural being, but sometimes a soul can just wear away. (See p.34 of Mage: the Awakening for more information on the effects of soul loss.) Worn away souls are those of people that just don’t live life. They give up or become the nothing they feel they are. Daemons take the place of the lost souls and give something to live for.
Nickname: Thieves
Boon: The Demon has increased will and zest for life. All Wits + Composure rolls gain the 9-again rule. If the roll would already have the 9-again rule, the 8-again rule is used.
Bane: Because the person’s soul was either forcibly removed or worn away through atrophy, the Demon’s sense of self is weakened. These Demons suffer a -2 penalty to Psyche rolls to avoid acquiring derangements after a failed degeneration roll.


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