Mortal minds are weak. While many say that they believe in the supernatural, their minds snap when directly experiencing proof.
Whenever a Mortal witnesses the Divine (or Devilish) effects a Demon, the Storyteller (or player of the PC Mortal) rolls for Revelation. Failure indicates Revelation, while success avoids it.
Examples that would require a Revelation roll: Reaping Faith (See below), witnessing an Evocation, seeing the Demon's true form.
Dice Pool: Wits + Composure - Demon's Dominion
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: Revelation sets in and the mortal runs in a panic. He will not remember what caused him to run, but may make something up.
Failure: Revelation sets in and the mortal cannot act for a number of turns equal to the Demon's Dominion score. Memories of the event are hazy and non-specific.
Success: The mortal can act normally for the duration of the scene, although his memories will be hazy and non-specific.
Exceptional Successes: Not only can the mortal act normally, he will remember the occurrence with normal clarity.

All humans have stores of Faith, small or large. This Faith can be taken from them, if a Demon desires. Reaping Faith from mortals is a tricky process and often yields no results. First, the Demon must find a mortal and determine his Virtue or Vice, Through observation or conversation. The player rolls Wits + Empathy to determine the target's Virtue/Vice. No roll is necessary if the mortals Virtue or Vice matches one of the Demon's.

Second, the Demon must draw out the mortal’s Virtue or Vice. If the Demon is targeting the mortal’s Virtue of Justice, he might engage him in a conversation of “an eye for an eye”. If he were targeting a Vice, such as Lust, the Demon may only need to hike up her skirt and straighten her stocking. Note that the Demon must initiate the Virtue or Vice herself to form the conduit for the Faith to flow. The same mortal (with a Virtue of Justice) in a courtroom, cannot be reaped for simply being there. The Demon must do something like call him to the witness stand and question him. If the mortal is in a gentlemen’s club, the Demon may have to give (or buy) him a lap dance (or get one from her, if she is a dancer).

Some mortals provide more Faith with their Virtue and some with their Vice. It depends on the mortal and the Demon. If Demon’s Psyche is greater than the mortal’s Morality, the Virtue path can grant more Faith. If Demon’s Psyche is less than the mortal’s Morality, targeting his Vice can yield more. (See below)

Once the Demon has found a mortal that he has drawn out his Virtue or Vice, all the player needs to do is roll his Manipulation + Empathy + Dominion vs. the target’s Wits + Composure to reap in the Faith. This roll may represent mere moments or many long hours, depending on the nature of the reaping. A Demon may only attempt to reap the mortal once per day. Other mortals may be reaped the same day, but no mortal may be reaped more than once per day.
Mortals also build up a sort of tolerance to Reaping. Each time they are Reaped, roll for Revelation. If a Virtue was Reaped from and the roll results in Revelation, the Mortal's Morality score increases by 1. If it was the Mortal's Vice, Revelation reduces the Mortal's Morality score by 1. The virtuous get more so while sinful loose more of themselves to the Vice. Unfortunately for the Demon, only normal mortals may be reaped. Any character with a Supernatural template (major or minor) can not be reaped of Faith.

When a mortal is reaped of Faith, he realizes what is happening on a subconscious level. He may not know that his Will is being sapped away, but he knows there is something extraordinary going on.

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Dominion + Modifiers vs. target’s Wits + Composure (if resisted)
Modifiers: for Virtue (Psyche – Morality); for Vice (Morality – Psyche); Note that modifications can be positive or negative. Willpower cannot be spent on this roll.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The Demon reveals a part of his true nature to the mortal. Roll for Revelation a Failure acts as a Dramatic Failure.
Failure: No Faith points are gained by the Demon.
Success: Each success gives the Demon 1 point of Faith (not to exceed his Faith pool). The mortal looses one point of Willpower per Faith point that the Demon gains. Thus, the maximum number of Faith that can be reaped from a mortal is equal to his temporary Willpower.
If the Demon was bringing out the mortal’s Virtue, and his Willpower is reduced to zero, the mortal is filled with “the Holy Spirit”. On the flipside, if a Vice reduces him to zero, the mortal is filled with dread. If the mortal looses all Willpower, he realizes that the Demon is the cause of it. Note: The Demon does not have to take everything. He may take or leave as much as he wishes (up to the number of successes of course).
Exceptional Successes: No additional benifet is gained past the additonal Faith.

Mortal Groups
The Seekers

Not really a cult to say, but a group of cults. There are hundreds of organizations that have members that actually seek out the Fusion from Demons using the Modus of Merging. While some understand the full effects of merging with a Daemon, most believe they will simply gain immeasurable power, but all know that they are taking the Daemon to be fused with their own soul. Some Seekers are not after power, but immortality. Knowing that after the Fusion, no matter what, their new soul will continue on (to a new host presumably).
No matter what the reasons for the Seekers, Demons value them greatly. Every group of Seekers usually has at least one of the Fused. He either formed the group himself, found them after his return or used the group by picking one to Fuse with.
Demons that form Seeker groups usually do so for insurance purposes. The Modus of Merging requires willing hosts and the Seekers provide them.
Note: The Seekers do not normally resist Reaping. They realize what is happening and hope that it will gain them favor with the Demon, but tolerances are built up as usual.

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