"Up, down, turn around. Please don't let me hit the ground. Tonight I think I'll walk alone. I'll find my soul as I go home."
- Temptation by New Order

Modi are the methods used by a Daemon to return to the material world by joining with a person. When a Daemon joins with a returns, it has to give up all but a fragment of its former self. Daemons chose to reduce themselves to the point where they almost completely lose their identity. The most common Modi are listed below. While there may be more methods for a Daemon to return, they are either not used often or are next to impossible for most Daemons to use.

Returning, in the various methods described here, has its benefits and drawbacks. Called “Boons” and “Banes”, each is unique to the related Modus. Boons give the Demon some form of advantage due to their chosen Modus. Banes, on the other hand, are the unfortunate side-effects of the chosen method of return.

Modi List
Modi Description
Merging Those that merged their soul willingly with the Daemon.
Possession The soulless that became Demons by a Daemon taking the soul’s place.
Reanimation The dead that are animated by the power of a Daemon soul.
Rebirth Demons that were born human, only to learn the truth later in life.
Revivication Those that were revived and brought a Daemon back with them.
The Others
Binding Those that are bound into an object instead of a human host.
Incarnation Demons that have found a way to form their own bodies in the material world.

There are other methods of return for a Daemon. Some are combinations of the above Modi, while some are entirely different. If a player wishes, he may design a new Modus with the storyteller for his character. Storytellers are discouraged from letting a player take the best aspects of different Modi or combining Modi to reduce Banes. Although it is difficult to measure, Boons and Banes should balance each other out and be fairly equal across all of the Modi.

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