New Merits

Acute Awareness (•••, •••• and •••••)
All Demons can sense the supernatural. Each Demon's Awareness is attuned to his Modus, but some Demons have learned to interpret other Modi specialties as well. The Demon may learn an additional Modus specialty at each level of this merit. (See: Awareness in Chapter 3)

Back Again (•••)
Prerequisite: Modus of Reanimation
The Demon's old host died, but he really, really liked it and decided to stay. During this grapple, the Demon fought so hard to keep his old body, that more was retained than normal. The Demon gains the Boons and Banes of both the previous Modus and the Modus of Reanimation. This Merit only works if the previous Modus had a living human body. This Merit is lost if the host is destroyed.
Note: This Merit is available at character creation (or death) only.

Cult (• to •••••)
Cult members are not Retainers or Thralls (unless those Merits are purchased for that intent). Each member of the cult has his or her own life, although at higher levels they usually give up most of that life. Cults can be used as a form of Status among other Demons (1/2 Cult level rounded down). This pseudo-status does not stack with the normal Status merit.

Rank Description
1 A tiny group (2-3 people) that will listen to your ramblings and believe some of what you say.
2 A small group of people (3-10) that seek you out. At least one has the "Unseen Sense" Merit that led them to you.
3 A cult of moderate size (10-20) people, that regularly visit you for worship services and rituals. Most demons don't exceed this level for fear of being revealed.
4 You have a large (20-60) group of men, women and children that usually choose to live together in some form of commune. A good example was the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.
5 Your cult is huge (61+ people, some who are willing to die for you). Some members have voiced the idea of petitioning the government for religious status, which you of course silenced immediately.

Cults do not generate Faith on there own (although a cult is a good reason to have a Fount). If a Demon wishes to Reap Faith from his cult (as they can do with other mortals), he can only Reap individual cult members one at a time. Although, reaping from the cult may have unexpected results. Such as members leaving the cult or dedicating themselves even more depending on the experience. The only mechanical benefit to reaping a member of your own cult, is one extra die for each dot in the Merit on the reaping roll for the Demon.

Cults are also a source for Thralls. Although, rarely done, a Demon can invest more time and energy into a member of his cult (while ignoring others) to gain a powerful Thrall. As a Story Teller option, the player may trade ranks in Cult for ranks in Thrall on a one for one basis. This represents the Demon favoring the one cult member to the exclusion of others. Most people don't like being ignored and this includes cult members. The size of the cult suffers due to the Demon focusing on the one mortal, but some Demons find it worth it. Example: Tutgar has a small group of mortals that sought him out for his teachings. In the middle of one of his sermons, Tutgar begins paying more attention to Rebecca. He looks in her direction almost exclusively and asks her for her opinion on subjects he is discussing. Afterward, Rebecca is obviously enamored by Tutgar and may be interested in doing more for him. Jeffery, who had a crush on Rebecca, is upset by this turn of events and may not show up at the next meeting. He may even talk his brother into leaving the cult at a later time.

False Name (• to •••••)
Every Demon has a True Name that he tries to keep secret, but every now and then it gets out. Demons with this Merit have spread a "False Name" around that helps to hide their True Name. Each dot in this Merit is a dice penalty to any roll to determine, recognize or use the Demon's True Name. This includes beneficial effects as well as undesirable ones.

Fount (• to •••••)
Founts are places which gather and store mortal Faith. They are incredibly rare in today’s jaded world. Dots in this Merit represent a Fount the Demon has discovered that few or no other Demons yet know about. A Demon who doesn’t hide his Fount is likely to find others using it. By acquiring other Merits such as Status, Haven and Resources a Demon can protect or maintain his investment. Status (Priest) for example: no one would question a Demon who maintains a facade as a priest staying close to or praying in a church. With high Resources and a job as a museum curator others would rarely examine the Demon’s habit of examining a particular piece of art. The Rating of this Merit determines the rank of the Fount and how much Faith gathers there each day. The primary purpose of this Merit is to replenish a Demon’s Faith reserves, but a Fount's power makes it useful as a sort of safe haven for a Demon hunted by his own degenerate kin. (See: Faith as a Weapon in Chapter 4) Players may combine Fount Merit dots to determine their Fount’s overall rating. For more information on Founts, see the Founts section in Chapter 4.

Sanctuary (• to •••••)
When chosen, the player must split points between Size and Security. Sanctuary's are similar to Havens. They are generally out of the way places or locations hidden. A Church belfry, forgotten cleaning closet or a derelict warehouse can all be Sanctuaries. When combined with the Fount merit, a Demon can have a ready reserve of Faith in his home.

Legacy (• to •••••)
As a Demon returns to this world, memories from its Exile and before become lost. The few retained memories are jumbled and dream-like and do not make much sense. Since most of the Demon's previous identity is lost and replaced with that of the host. In fact, it is more representative to say that the person (host) begins to have these hazy dream-like memories as they start to develop strange new powers. Those few Demons that have the Legacy Merit are more adept at remembering things from before as well as retaining their demonic identity. The higher a Demon’s Legacy rating the more it remembers. Without it, the Demon remembers next to nothing and will not likely think of himself as the anything other than the host. Each time the Demon is attempting to remember something from before his return, have the player roll his Demon's Intelligence + Dominion + Legacy. The more successes, the more detail the Demon remembers. This roll can be called upon by the Storyteller at times when he wishes to "force" memories on the player character as well. Demons without this Merit can still remember their past, but are much less likely to do so. Those without the Merit roll their Dominion score alone and only receive details on exceptional successes.
Note: The Demons of the Modus of Rebirth cannot purchase this Merit.

Rank Description
0 The Demon has fuzzy images that don’t make much sense.
1 He remembers his Exile in the Abyss and possibly his name.
2 He remembers general times and regions (like “Zeus sent me on a mission once, to tell his son … something”).
3 Specific details of dramatic events are accessible (the specifics of a battle).
4 General details of the Demons past are available (who he served or who served him).
5 Nearly all of the Demon's past is remembered. Like it was yesterday.

Pact (• to •••••)
The Demon starts play with a Thrall (or many, if the dots are divided up). Thralls provide Faith to the Demon. Each individual Thrall yields the Demon 1 point of Faith per day. Thralls are not Retainers. Depending on how they came to be a Thrall, they can tend to be less loyal or devoutly loyal. They must still be treated well, if the Demon wants them to perform, but unlike a Retainer who can simply quit, a Thrall is inextricably bound to the Demon by Faith. The Pact level of each Thrall determines the amount of the Thrall's soul that has been traded to the Demon. For more information on Thralls and Pacts, see the Thralls section in Chapter 3.
Note: Forming Pacts once play begins does not cost Merit dots; characters must create these Pacts through roleplaying actions. If the Thrall is ever killed or destroyed, the character loses the Merit and the points he spent to gain it.

Reliquary (• to •••••)
The Demon has a prepared safe place for his Daemon to go to if his host is ever killed (See: Reliquaries). While the reliquary is not being used to house a Daemon, it has the ability to store Faith for the Demon. Each level allows the Demon to store 2 Faith points within the reliquary. The level of the reliquary is related to its size and quality. A size 3 reliquary is at least a level 3 reliquary; it could have additional levels, if the quality is increased. Dots in this Merit must be divided up between size and quality.
The reliquary’s durability equals its quality, while its structure is equal to its size + durability.
Example: An inexpensive (Quality of 1) TV (Size 4) would have a Rank of 5 (1+4), a durability of 1 and a structure of 5.
Note: Demons on the Modus of Binding are housed within their Reliquary and reinforce its structure by their presence. The structure (or health) of a reliquary housing a Demon is equal to the Demon's Stamina + reliquary size + durability.

Rank Size Quality
0 Ring / Necklace Cheap and Fragile
1 Pistol / Puzzle box Inexpensive and not Impressive
2 Sword Normal Cost and Quality
3 Bike / End Table Modest value and craftsmanship
4 TV / Desk Above Average Cost and Quality
5 Statue / Mannequin / Small Tree Exquisite beauty, solid gold, etc.

Status (House) (• to •••••)
Each House has it's own ranking system for members. Besides acting as normal Status does for other games such as Vampire: The Requiem, Status also represents how much the Demon must pay in "dues". The Demon must pay his House one point of Faith every so often. Whenever a Demon goes to his House for meetings, help, being summoned, etc. The player rolls his characters Status rank in dice. Failure indicates the Demon must offer up a point of Faith to his House. Success allows the Demon to avoid paying (this time), although he can still offer up a point and possible gain some favor. Exceptional successes provides the Demon with a point of Faith as he is so well received and valued that he is provided Faith from some other Demon's offering. The Storyteller is encouraged to modify this roll based on recent events (like having just provided a much needed service for the House). Many guess that offered Faith goes directly (or indirectly) to the House Founder. Although, some may be skimmed on the way to the top.
Note: Demons that belong to a House, but do not yet have Status, usually pay each visit. Without a dot of Status, the player must roll a chance die. A Dramatic Failure means the character must pay 2 points of Faith. These Demons just don't have any pull with the House's other members.

Tainted Object (• to •••••)
The Demon is able to extend his Faith into an object, almost making it part of him (similar to joining with a host). The results are similar to the Werewolf’s “Rite of Dedication”. The object can be clothing, a weapon, or other piece of equipment. Size affects how many points are required in the Merit (size 2 requires level 2, etc.). Any change to the Demon’s form also affects the object (depending on circumstances).

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