Modus of Merging

Those that are Merged have a combination of human soul and Daemon. The Joining combines the soul and Daemon into one. When a Daemon chooses to return in this method, it is usually out of the desire to understand the world he is returning to. He finds a human that is willing and sufficiently compatible and merges with the person’s soul. The merging gives the Demon more knowledge of the other world, that is, the knowledge that the Daemon possessed before the joining. The length of time that the merging takes can vary, taking hours or weeks before completion. The person notices little change, at first. As time goes on, his personality changes towards that of the Daemon’s. The person’s personality slips away slowly. When the merging is complete, the original personality of the human and the Daemon are drastically changed. No longer are they individual entities — now they have fused to become one.
Note that while a person must be willing to merge his soul with a Daemon, he does not need to be conscious of it. A soul can decide on its own to merge with a Daemon. These Demons may not have consciously decided to join with a Daemon, but they are content with the effect.
Nickname: Fused
Boon: Because of the knowledge gained from the merger, these Demons can remember things that only their Daemon knew. The Demon gains 2 free dots in the Legacy Merit.
Bane: All Demons in the Modus of Merging have reshaped the soul of their host to the point that they no longer act quite human. Normal humans don’t react well to the strangeness of the Fused. These Demons suffer penalties on all social rolls, save Intimidation, when dealing with mortals. The Demon’s Dominion score (See: Dominion) is subtracted from those rolls.


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