Items Of Power

Enhanced Items

People sometimes believe that an object is lucky or is special somehow. While they are not always right (rarely, if ever), they do have faith in the item. Similarly to the faith they have in a god. Demons are able to use these beliefs to enhance items with the distilled Faith that they collect.
Enhanced items are temporary magical devices that grant the user increased skill when using that item for its intended purpose or simply increase the effectiveness of the item. Example items include: swords, lock picks, computers, running shoes, vehicles and armor. All Demons are capable of enhancing any normal object to extraordinary effects.

To enhance an item, all a Demon must do is touch the item, concentrate on the desired Enhancement and pour Faith into it. This is an instant action and the Demon looses his Defense while Enhancing the object. An item may have only one Enhancement at a time (a sport coat cannot be Enhanced to provide armor as well as increasing the wearers seduction dice pool). Once an item is Enhanced it only remains so for a limited number of uses equal to the Demon's Dominion score. The Demon may spend Faith on Enhancement bonuses or extending the duration. Each point of Faith placed in the item can give an Enhancement bonus up to the Demon's Dominion score. While, Faith may also be spent extend the number of uses that the Enhancement will last on a one for one basis.
Note: Once an item has been Enhanced, it can not be further Enhanced. Meaning that unless the Demon spends the Faith over consecutive turns, he cannot increase the Enhancement bonus or duration until the Enhancement has expired. Once they have expired, they become normal items again and may be Enhanced as such.

There is no special roll or expenditure to activate an Enhanced Item. Once the item has been Enhanced, it can be used by anyone (including mortals). The user has no control over when the Enhancement is used and when it is not. He cannot save the Enhancement for later. If the item is used, it automatically uses its Enhancement bonus.

Normal items are not used to being filled with the raw power of Faith and if it weren't for the Demon's own Psyche holding the Faith in a safe pattern, the object would degrade. By pouring too much Faith into an object, a Demon can damage or even destroy it. If the Demon places more Faith in the object (for Enhancement or extending duration) than his Psyche rating, the object takes damage (ignoring Durability) equal to the excess Faith. This can result in the object crumbling to dust (if the damage was severe) after its last use.

Enhancement Example:
Todd's character Syr is surrounded by half a dozen zombies. He has some time (since they are slow movers) so he picks up an iron rod and envisions the rod as a powerful weapon as he pours Faith into it. He has a Dominion score of 3 so he can put 3 Faith in it this round to gain a +3 Enhancement bonus. He wishes for the weapon to last longer than 3 attacks (since there are 6 zombies), so the next round he spends 3 more Faith to extend the duration from 3 to 6 uses. As soon as he finishes Enhancing the item, the zombies are within striking range, so he begins attacking with his new zombie smasher. His dice pool for the next 6 attacks using the iron rod will be Strength + Weaponry + 1 (normal iron rod) + 3 (the Enhancement)
After the battle, part of the iron rod crumbles away as rust and it receives a point of Structure damage, because Syr's Psyche rating was only 5 and he over filled the item by 1 point.

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