Modus of Incarnation

The Incarnate are Demons that have found a way to force their spiritual form through the barrier and enter this world. It is not their true form, but a diminished materialized "human" body. Their bodies are crafted of ephemera and energy and are held together entirely by Faith. Incarnate are in a state of forced existence. Every day they feel the world pushing agains them, wanting them out. Some Demons see this Modus as the pinacle of achievment for any Demon. To be free of hosts. To have their own form. This is the final goal of many Demons. To return to this world as themselves.
Nickname: Incarnate or Intruders
Preferred Attribute: None
Boon: Because the Demon doesn't actually possess a human host, as long as the Demon has Thralls or an attuned Fount, he cannot be "killed", only discorporated (like a spirit). The length of time the Demon is discorporated depends on his Psyche Rating. The higher his Psyche the quicker he reforms. Incarnate that have been discorporated, reform in a number of days equal to 11 - Psyche at one of their Founts or near one of their Thralls. Note: Discorporated Incarnate are still susceptible to Consumption for one round following their "death" (See: Consumption).
Bane: The Incarnate must have a Thrall or an attuned Fount. The Demon's effective Dominion score is limited to the number of Thralls (not Pact levels) and attuned Founts that the Demon possesses. Although the Demon's Dominion score does not actually drop if a Thrall is lost, the Demon is limited on all Dominion related affects (Faith expenditure per round, etc) as if he had lost Dominion. For this reason, the Incarnate keep their Thralls very safe and very secret. If the Demon ever looses all of his Thralls (through their Death or ending of their Pacts) and all of his Founts, it is the same as the death of the host for other Demons (See: Death and Returning).
In addition, discorporated Demons are in a state deeper than Twilight, but denied even the Shadow existence of Spirits across the Gauntlet, instead they are trapped, completely unaware of their surroundings in a state so divorced from reality even the spirits and ghosts do not take notice of the Demon. This is not a return to Exile, but a horrible reminder of it and it risks fraying the Demon’s Psyche. During this time of total deprivation the Demon must roll Psyche (once per day of discorporation). Each failure results in a minor derangement when the Demon reappears. This derangement (or multiple derangements for multiple failures) lasts for a number of days equal to 11 - Psyche.



Note: Due to the fact that a Demon must already have Thralls or a Fount to return as an Incarnate, the Incarnate Modus is unavailable for newly returned Demons. As an option, a Storyteller may allow a player to begin play with an Incarnate, if beginning play with his own Fount. A fresh Incarnate Demon has little to no knowledge of the modern world. This makes for interesting encounters early in the Demon’s career. Starting Skills should reflect this lack of knowledge, but should also reflect the Demon's background. The god of War will have skill in firing a gun, but not necessarily social skills.

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