Six Daemons avoided Exile long ago. How they did this depends on who you ask. But, however it was done, they were able to maintain a great portion of their power through the centuries. Once other Daemons began to return from Exile, they instinctually sought out the Six (as they began to be called) and swore allegiance to the one that they wished to follow. This was the creation of Houses. For many ages, these six Demons ruled all of the Fallen, as all that returned were compelled by some unknown force to seek them out and swear oaths to them. The Six took in offered Faith from their devoted followers and gave them back an ease with specific Domains (those that the Six had mastered). Then, one day, a couple of thousand years ago, one of the six Houses ended as its founder disappeared. What happened to the founder is unknown. Some say he was destroyed by another of the Six. While others say that he abandoned his ways and began to walk another path. No Demon knows for sure what really happened. Now that the Sixth House is gone, the Returned no longer feel compelled to seek out a House to swear allegiance to. Since then, there have been only five Houses and an ever growing number of Demons referred to as Renegades. The founding Six have not been seen much lately. Only those of high rank in their House are believed when they say they have met one. Some are said to be slumbering, while others are simply watching and waiting.

In game terms, Houses are political/social groups of Demons who have similar interests and ideas. By joining a House, a Demon gains the ability to learn the selected Houses "House Domains" easier by paying his dues in Faith. Faith cost of dues are discussed in the Status Merit. (See the Merit: Status for more information)
Renegades that chose not to join a House, do not need to pay those dues, but they do not gain the benefits of belonging to a House.

The five House names have changed occasionally as the ideas and goals of the members change, but these are only the common names for those Houses, not their true names.

The House of the Coming Darkness — members are known as Ravagers
The House of Enlightenment — members are known as Reconcilers
The House of Judges — members are known as Arbitrators
The House of Mortal Desires — members are known as Faustians
The House of Resurgence — members are known as Adversaries

Minor Houses
Sometimes, when a group of Demons have been around for a while, they are able to form their own House. These "Minor Houses" are varied in their concepts and some may even be offshoots from existing Houses. These minor Houses usually only have one or two House Domains, but still charge the same dues that normal Houses charge.

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