A Fount is a location, usually a church or other holy place, where Faith pools and can be taken and used by Demons.
Founts are normally structures designed expressly for the purpose worship, such as a cathedral or mosque. However, features of a landscape or magnificent works of art can also be Founts should they be sufficiently breathtaking so as to make the average mortal reassured that something greater than themselves exists. Mount Fuji would be such a place as might be Stonehenge or the Parthenon. Founts are generally large enough to be almost impossible to move. This stems from the fact that the Fount must draw the attention of a large number of mortals and inspire enough Faith for some of it to pool around the structure or feature. So, while the Mona Lisa might inspire Faith the fact that only 4 or 5 people can see it clearly at a time makes it impossible to consider a Fount.

Founts have ratings 1-5. (Rating can increase temporarily during services/rituals) Unless a Fount is attuned to the Demon (the Demon is worshiped there or the Demon has spent 10 Faith over the course of 10 days), powerful Founts can injure a Demon. (see: Faith as a Weapon)
On average, a Founts rating is directly proportional to the amount of mortals who worship there. Its rating is one (1) for every 100 mortal worshipers. So if a site had 200 worshipers, its rating would be 2. Thralls, on the other hand, have a greater belief in their worship. (See: Thralls) A single Thrall counts as 20 normal mortals when determining the Fount’s level. The Rating of the Fount determines how much Faith gathers there each day. While inside or within the Fount's Radiance (the Fount rating in yards) the Demon must perform one hour of ritual activity appropriate to the Fount. A piece of art must be contemplated, prayer must be offered in church. The Demon need not believe in the religion or like the art, but the Faith in a Fount is bound up in ritual and must be accessed thus. Simple meditation under a waterfall Fount or on Mount Fuji will suffice. There is another method of gathering Faith from a Fount. If a Demon is in a hurry, he can destroy the Fount (most often with fire or other destructive forces). As a Fount is destroyed, it releases its rating in Faith to be collected by any Demon in its Radiance. Most Demons refuse to gather Faith in this way as it destroys the source for future collections. However, Abyssal Reclaimers destroy Founts regularly, since it is the only way they can take the Faith from Founts (See: Abyssal Reclaimers).

Founts are also the best place to perform an Evocation requiring a significant investment of Faith since the Demon can either use the Fount’s Faith as he needs it by tuning the Fount or using the Fount to quickly replenish his reserves once he’s done.

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