Faith As A Weapon

Demons are subject to exorcisms and banishing, no mater what Modus that they have used. The Demon's best defense against this is their Psyche, which is added to Presence and Resolve (Power + Resistance) dice pools used to resist the exorcising or banishing of the Demon (Daemon). The exorcism or banishment is rolled normally, but vs. Presence + Resolve + Psyche instead of Power + Resistance like ghosts and spirits resist. If a Demon is successfully exorcised from a host or banished, it is as if they had died and the Daemon must find a new host or return to Exile. Note: Demons on the Modus of Rebirth are immune to exorcisms although they are still subject to banishments.

Founts Causing Damage
Founts are usually holy places dedicated to one god or another (sometimes multiple gods). Faith collects in these places due to the outpouring from the people who visit them. It spills forth from the worshipers and pools into the Fount. Faith is a powerful instrument and can be harmful to Demons. If the Fount is a holy place dedicated to another Demon or god (not the Demon or one that the Demon has sworn allegiance to), it can harm him. Demons combat this effect with the same Psyche that they created to continue to exist in our world. It creates a buffer against the damaging effects of Faith. If the Fount’s rating is above the Demon’s Psyche, he feels the Faith burning into his "soul". Each round the Demon is on this holy site, he receives a number of bashing points of damage equal to the Fount’s rating minus his Psyche rating. Note: Nothing prevents the Demon from collecting Faith from these Founts that cause harm. But it can be like reaching into an acid fountain for a few coins at the bottom. (See: Founts for more information.)

Holy Relics
Like Founts, a Holy item can cause additional damage to a Demon. Holy weapons cause aggravated damage to Demons. To make matters worse, the Demon's Defense rating is limited to his Psyche when relating to Holy weapons.
However, as with Founts, Holy items that are attuned to the Demon do not cause him additional harm. Unfortunately, a holy crusader doesn't usually brandish a sword blessed by priests of the Demon he is attempting to slay.

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