Faith is the divine influence that Demons have over the world. It sustains their them and fuels their powers. Demons are able to collect it from many different sources. This pool size is based on the character's Dominion rating.

Spending Faith
• The Demon must spend Faith as "dues" dependent on his Status in a House (See the Merit: Status).
• The Demon can use Faith to heal wounds at the rate of one point of Faith per one point of lethal damage or two points of bashing damage. The healing takes one turn to complete in either case. The Demon may take other actions while healing. Aggravated damage is beyond healing in this fashion.
• The Demon can use Faith to fuel Domains that require Faith expenditure. Each Domain will have any necessary Faith cost listed in its description.
• The Demon can spend Faith to create a Thrall. (see: Thralls)

Regaining Faith
• The Demon may try to draw Faith from a Fount (See: Founts) by rolling his Presence + Wits + Fount level. The Demon can sense a Fount automatically when he sees it. The number of successes indicates the number of points of Faith gained. A Demon can feed from multiple Founts, but only once a day from each one.
• The Demon may gain Faith through his Status in a House (See the Merit: Status).
• The Demon may gain Faith from a Thrall. (see: Thralls)
• The Demon may attempt to steal Faith from another Demon by touching it and making a contested roll of its Presence + Wits against the target Demon’s Presence + Resolve. If the attacker wins, the number of successes indicates the number of points of the target’s Faith that are siphoned by the attacker. If the target wins, it gains a number of points from the attacker’s Faith pool equal to the difference in successes scored.
• The Demon may barter for additional Faith from other Demons, gaining only as much as they are willing to give up.
• The Demon may Reap Faith from Mortals. (see: Reaping for more details)

Zero Faith
If a Demon ever reaches zero Faith, he loses access to all Demon abilities until he regains at least one point of Faith. A Demon without Faith ages (or decomposes) as a normal person (or corpse) would. While it is unnerving for a Demon to be without his powers, there is one major benefit to having no Faith points. At zero Faith, a Demon ceases to show up on supernatural radar, even their aura reverts to a normal human aura.
Note: Demons of the Modus of Reanimation are the exceptions. The Reanimated appear as Revenants or Zombies.

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