New Advantage: Dominion

This trait represents the extent to which the character has joined with the Daemon (or how much of the Daemon has returned). As part of the Demon Template, they receive one dot of Dominion to indicate their initial return. Additional dots may be acquired with the expenditure of experience points (or initial Merit dots can be spent to add extra Dominion).
Effects of Dominion
Dominion is a trait rated from 1 to 10 dots. As the measure of the Demon’s power, Dominion has the following game effects.
• Dominion grants the Demon extra dice when resisting the supernatural powers of other entities. When a resistance roll is called for to resist a Demon's Domain or another's supernatural ability, the Demon may add its Dominion score to the dice pool where another supernatural would add its Primal Urge, Blood Potency, or Gnosis. For example, to resist the Soul Read Gift of a Werewolf, a Demon would roll Resolve + Dominion.
• Dominion affects a Demon’s ability use his pooled Faith (See: Faith, governing how many points of Faith a player can spend in a single turn. Dominion also limits how much Faith the Demon can hold in his Faith pool. The higher his Dominion, the more Faith he can store. See the Dominion Table below for more details.
• Demons with Dominion 6 or higher can increase their Attributes and Skills past 5 dots. The Daemon ties itself securely to the character, allowing the Demon him to bring his Mental, Physical and Social capabilities to inhuman degrees.

Drawbacks of Dominion
• The more a powerful the Daemon is, the more the Daemon influences the character. The character has more frequent Urges with higher ratings in Dominion. (See: Urges)

Dominion Table
Dominion Rating Attribute and Skill Max Faith Pool Max Faith Expenditure per Round Urges Dice Pool
1 5 10 1 1
2 5 11 2 2
3 5 12 3 2
4 5 13 4 3
5 5 14 5 3
6 6 15 6 4
7 7 20 7 5
8 8 30 8 6
9 9 50 9 7
10 10 100 10 8

Attribute Max: This is the maximum rating that the character can have in any Attribute.
Skill Max: This is the maximum rating that the character can have in any Skill.
Faith Pool Max: This is the maximum Faith pool that the character can have.
Faith Expenditure per Round: This is the maximum number of Faith points that the character may spend per round.
Urges Dice Pool: This is the dice pool used to determine whether an Urge is in effect.

Zero Dominion
If the Demon’s Dominion is reduced to exactly zero dots through any means, his Daemon is disconnected and he must live without access to any Faith, Domains or Visages unless the Daemon ever returns to him (which they sometimes do). The character is a normal mortal again. Note: For reanimated Demons, decomposition begins. See: The World of Darkness - Antagonists book, page 26 on "Physical Integrity".

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