Modus of Domination

These Demons care nothing for the host or the world's rejection. They simply take what they want and move on.
Nickname: Jumpers
Preferred Attribute: None
Boon: These Demons have the ability to move from one host to another through skin to skin contact. Only mortals are capable of housing the Jumper and he can only move on to those with a Willpower score less than his Dominion score. The Demon does not have access to any of the host's Skills or Mental/Social Attributes. Memories may only be accessed by a successful Wits + Composure roll. Skills and Attributes move with the Demon. Jumpers are only at risk of consumption if the current host dies (See: Consumption).
Bane: Jumpers are more susceptible to exorcisms and the like. The Demon's effective Psyche is always two less than it actually is (not reducing below zero). In addition, Turmoil rolls, when using Domains, are always at least one dice (See: Domains) and are always rolled.



Note: These chaotic Demons are not very suitable for player characters. If used as a player character, be aware of the game difficulties caused by body jumping. The Storyteller will be responsible for creating stats for each new body (including any possible memories for the Demon to access).

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