When a Demon's is dispatched, the Daemon is momentarily stunned as it sheds its temporary mortal coil. For a short moment (1 round) the Daemon is vulnerable to consumption by other Demons. If the player chooses to have his character attempt consuming a vulnerable Daemon, he must act quickly (starting the act before the stun round is over). If he waits any longer, it will get away. Consuming a Daemon requires a Presence + Wits roll on the part of the player. This act is an extended action. Once the attack begins, the disembodied Daemon remains battling the attacker (it doesn't escape until the attacker rolls a dramatic failure or doesn't succeed in the allotted time. A number of successes must be accumulated equal to the Dominion rating of the Daemon being consumed. Each roll represents one turn of effort. Attempting to consume a Daemon has a limited number of rolls equal to the attacking Demon’s Willpower dots. If the required successes haven’t been accumulated in that many rolls, the victim is just too potent or resistant and cannot be consumed. The quarry escapes, instead. A player may not spend Willpower on the roll to consume a Daemon, nor do any augmentations of his character’s Attributes (through Domains, Visages or mystical artifacts) apply. Only the character’s natural Presence and Wits are relevant.

Dramatic Failure: The Daemon wrenches free a moment before its consumption, inflicting horrific supernatural trauma on the attacking Demon. The Demon suffers Psyche loss automatically (see below) and gains an appropriate derangement of the Storyteller’s choice. The defending Daemon then escapes to a chance of finding a new host and revenge.
Failure: The character makes no further progress in consumption, as its victim fights back.
Success: The character continues to consume his victim.
Exceptional Success: The Demon makes significant headway in consuming his target.
Upon completion, the Psyche of the Demon drops by one. He also gains the benefits and drawbacks described below.

• If the consumed Daemon had a higher Dominion rating than the attacking Demon, the attacker’s Dominion immediately increases by one. Dominion increases by only one, regardless of the difference between ratings. This increase need not be paid for with experience points. This increase in Dominion may increase Pantheon rank, if the Demon belonged to one.
• In consuming the Daemon, he also consumes some of its ability as well. The Demon acquires a single dot in a Domain that the other possessed at a higher level than the Demon has. This adds to the character’s dots in that Domain, even if he didn’t have any dots at all in the Domain before. For example, if a Demon with Domain of the Fundament 3 consumes a another who has Domain of the Fundament 2, the Demon does not gain an additional dot of Fundament; he already knows more than the victim with regard to that Domain. The Demon may not exceed the trait maximum imposed by his Dominion rating (although if his Dominion now increases to a level that allows a higher level of those traits, he enjoys the benefit of that newly raised Dominion when deciding which dot of what to acquire). This increase need not be paid for with experience points.
• Instead of consuming a dot in a Dominion, the Demon may instead consume a Pantheon's Visage (See: Pantheons). A Demon does not need to belong to the Pantheon (or any Pantheon) to consume the Visage. The consumed Visage rating may not be any higher than the Demon's current Dominion rank.

It should be noted that the only benefit to consuming a Daemon of lower Dominion is acquiring an extra dot in a Dominion(or a Visage). All of the detriments still apply, however.

• As noted prior, when a Demon consumes another, his Psyche will decrease by one. (See: Psyche) A Psyche roll follows this loss to check for a derangement (see: Morality loss in the WoD core rulebook)
• If the victim of the consumption had any derangements, the above derangement roll automatically results in a derangement as the Demon gains it from the victim. This derangement can be random or assigned by the Storyteller, if the victim had multiple derangements.
• A Domain increase results in automatic Turmoil effects when the Domain is used for the next few days (as the Demon gets used to them). The number of days the Turmoil effects happen automatically are equal to 10 minus the Demon’s Dominion score.

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