Chapter 3: Miracles and Curses

Innate Powers

Demons do not grow old as long as they have a store of Faith within them. So, theoretically a Demon can live forever, as long as he avoids all dangers. Demons will advance to their physical apex if they are on the Modus of Rebirth or if they were young when the Daemon joined with them.

The sense that a Demon has over supernatural aspects of the world.

Immunity to Possession
Due to the inherent aspect of being a Demon, all Demons are immune to being possessed. Although, if the Demon is out of Faith, the Demon can be expelled from his host by another possessing being due to a loss on a resisted Wits and Composure roll. Expelled Demons are without a host as if they were exorcised.

A Demon's name is a powerful thing to know. Besides giving summoners and banishers power over the Demon when incorporated into rituals, simply saying the name out loud can draw the attention of the Demon. True Names have even more power and few Demons reveal their True Names to anyone.
If a Demon's name is spoken aloud, that Demon may roll Wits and Composure reflexively. One success is all that is needed to hear and speak with the one that Invoked the Demon's name. Three or more successes reveal the Invoker's location to the Demon. Exceptional successes allows the Demon to see and hear as if he were standing next to the person that Invoked his name. If the Demon's True Name is used, the Demon adds five (5) dice to this roll.


The supernatural powers that a Demon has over the world.


Aspects of the Daemon's true form that can show through into this reality.

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