Chapter 2: Character

Use the character-creation rules from the World of Darkness Rulebook, and add the following template to Joined characters during Step Five.

Choose a Modus (See: Modi)
Choose a House (See: Houses)
For beginning Domains, allocate three dots, two of which must be spent on House Domains.
One of your three Domain dots may be spent to on a Visage instead of a Domain (See: Visages).
Demons can have additional Merits from a special list (See: Merits).
Morality is now called Psyche in Demon: The Return (See: Psyche).
Roll a die to determine how much Faith your character has at the beginning of the story.

Step 1: Character Concept
Where does your Demon come from? What is it's history?
What was his Return like? If the host died, what where the circumstances?
Are his family and friends still in the picture? If not, what happened?
What are his plans?

Step 2: Select Attributes

Step 3: Select Skills

Step 4: Select Skill Specialties

Step 5: Add Demon Template
When a Demon returns by joining with a person, it must give up a lot; including power, its identity and sense of self. The joining is beneficial to the person and Demon. The Demon returns and the person gains some control of the power that the Demon used to wield.
Note that a character cannot possess multiple supernatural templates, and some Merits are unavailable to supernatural characters. A vampire, mage or werewolf cannot be a Demon as well, and they cannot possess many of the new Merits presented here.

Modus - How the Demon returned.
Merging: Those that are a merger of mortal soul and Daemon.
Possession: Those that had lost their soul, so the Daemon took its place.
Reanimation: Those that died and were reanimated by the Daemon.
Rebirth: Those with Daemons for souls since birth.
Revivication: Those that were brought back to life by the Daemon’s return.

Add Modus preferred Attribute.
Merging (Wits or Composure)
Possession (Manipulation or Intelligence)
Reanimation (Stamina or Composure)
Rebirth (Intelligence or Presence)
Revivication (Resolve or Stamina)

House - Political/Ideological groups of Demons
The House of Mortal Desires — known as Faustians
The House of Resurgence — known as Adversaries
The House of the Coming Darkness — known as Ravagers
The House of Enlightenment — known as Reconcilers
The House of Judges — known as Arbitrators

This trait represents the extent to which the Demon has joined with the host body to become a Demon. With it the Demon gains extraordinary abilities, such as the control over certain Domains. All Demon characters receive the Dominion advantage at one dot for free. Dominion can be increased with Merit point expenditure at a rate of three to one at character creation. That is, a player may spend three of his character’s seven Merit points for Dominion 2, or spend six of his character’s seven Merit points for Dominion 3.

Domains are groupings of the powerful abilities that Demons have. A newly returned Demon starts with three (3) dots in Domains. Two (2) of these dots must be in Modus or House Domains. The remaining one (1) dot can be in any other Domain.

An alternative to choosing a Domain at character creation is to choose a Visage. Instead of spending the third dot in "any other Domain", the player may spend it on the Visages trait. The level of the Demon's Visages trait is the limit on the largest rated Visage he may possess. The Demon automatically gains a level one Visage when purchasing his first dot in Visages. This Visage must be selected from a list associated with a known Domain. These Demons have the ability to reveal part of their true selves for a short time. Each Visage lasts for the remainder scene that it is activated.

Step 6: Select Merits
There are new Merits in the Merits section.

Step 7: Determine Advantages
Morality, from the World of Darkness core rulebook, is replaced by Psyche for Demons. Psyche works much like Morality does, although it has been expanded.

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