Chapter 1: The Return

I can remember having the power of a god. It's like remembering a vivid dream, but I know it wasn't a dream. It was real. Of course, it wasn't really me, but it was somehow. I remember that some of us were worshiped as gods and others were simply respected or feared for our power. But most of all, I remember the nothing. I don't remember how it happened, but I remember being exiled to a place of nothing. It was the worst place imaginable. I’d tell you more about it, but you just don’t have the ability to grasp even a fraction of what could be explained in words. Suffice it to say, that it was Hell in all sense of the word.

The Daemon
Some Demons remember their past. The time before they became who they are now. When they were the Daemon.
Daemons are (or used to be) spiritual beings of great power. Some of them were actually gods. Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse. Gods that somehow lost their favor. Not all of them were gods. Some were just powerful beings that might have eventually become gods had they wanted it. Then there were others that were here before the concept of gods. Beings older than time.
All of these beings have one thing in common. They had power. They were powerful once, but not any more.

Many Daemons were worshiped by humans until the fickle tides of religion turned on them. Many were simply powerful beings that were forgotten by the masses. Others were forced out of power or into hiding for fear of their existence by more powerful beings. Whatever the Daemons origin, they all ended up in Exile. Called the Abyss by some, it may be more of a state of un-being than a place.

The Fallen, as they sometimes call themselves, were the gods of old or simply respected beings of power. Now, they are rejected by the world and commonly called Demons by the unfaithful and those of other faiths. They were beings of great power. After being away for so long they have a hard time existing in the material world, especially the powerful ones. Fortunately for them, they have developed a method of survival that allows them to remain in this world for an indefinite time. When a Demon finds a host that is compatible, it suppresses a large portion of its power and forges a human like conscious that allows it to act in this world. Considered Demons (or Angles) by the uninformed for centuries, some of these beings have taken on the name and reinforce the label though their actions.

Daemon The spiritual being that has joined with the character. The source of all the Demon's powers.
death wounds Mainly relating to Demons on the Modus of Reanimation, these are wounds that do not visibly heal.
Domains Powers that a Demon has over parts of existence.
Dominion The inherent power of the Demon in reality, how much of his demonic might has been made manifest.
Evocations Abilities learned through a Domain.
Exile The state of non-existence that Demons went to after they lost their power and have now returned from. A paradoxical combination of not existing and being aware of it.
Faith The Untouchable belief from mortals that fuels a demon and its powers.
Fount A location, usually a church or other holy place, where Faith pools and can be taken and used by Demons.
Fused Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Merging.
Half-Breed Slang term used by other's (Demons rarely use it) as a derogatory name for the Fused.
Host The human body that most Demons take possession of.
House The Demonic Houses are political factions. Demons can move between houses as allegiances and goals dictate.
Incarnated Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Incarnation.
Modus / Modi The means by which the Demon makes its return to Earth. Singular is "Modus". Plural is "Modi".
Modus of Binding Method of return that ties a Demon to a reliquary.
Modus of Incarnation Method of return where a Demon creates a new body from scratch.
Modus of Merging Method of return where a Demon merges with the body and soul of a willing host.
Modus of Reanimation Method of return where a Demon animates a dead body as a host.
Modus of Rebirth Method of return where a Demon creates a new inside a woman to be born as a human.
Pact A supernatural agreement between a demon and a mortal that turns a mortal into a Thrall of the demon.
Pantheon A group that the Demon can join that helps return it to it’s former self. Pantheons gain the Demon additional abilities.
Psyche It is this construct that gives a Demon a foothold in reality. By tempering their inconceivable might and unfathomable rage over being ignored, it allows them to work within the confines of reality as a mortal would. The Psyche not only mirrors mortal morality but also provides a "code of ethics" among Demons known as Bans.
Reaping Taking of Faith from mortals without the formation of a pact.
Reborn Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Rebirth.
Relicbound Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Binding.
Reliquary Object that can store a Demon's power or a demon himself.
Revelatory Form An aspect gained by joining a Pantheon. Related to Visages
Rituals Combinations of Domains to produce an alternate effect than those that are listed in the Evocations.
Thrall A mortal that has entered into a pact with a Demon to exchange Faith for power.
Torment Another term forTurmoil. See: Turmoil.
Turmoil The effect of the world rejecting the Demon and his Evocations.
Undead Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Reanimation.
Visage Parts of the Demons true self that it can summon into reality for a brief time.
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