Modus of Binding

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)

The Bound are Demons who have attached themselves to an object such as a tree, computer, necklace, puzzle box or statue that has been prepared for the binding. By binding of itself into an object, the Demon does not have to locate a suitable human to use as a host. After preparing the object as a spiritual reliquary, it becomes imbued with his essence. Demons that have bound themselves into a reliquary limit themselves in mobility and society. The reliquary is still an inanimate object, although with the right Domain(such as Awakening for a statue or Forge for a motorbike) the Demon may be able to provide some form of locomotion.
Nickname: Earthbound or The Bound
Preferred Attribute: None
Boon: Demons on the Modus of Binding are housed within their Reliquary and it is reinforced by the Demon’s presence. The structure (or Health) of a reliquary housing a Demon is equal to the Demon's Stamina + reliquary size + durability. The Bound also gain built in armor equal to the reliquary's durability. (See: Merits: Reliquary)
The Earthbound may automatically speak telepathically with anyone in physical contact with it's reliquary. This telepathic link can channel directly into a form of possession with a willing Thrall that can last for one hour per Faith point spent.
Bane: Besides the social implications of not having their own body that can walk around and talk to people, the Bound have other limitations. Because they are housed in an inanimate shell, the Earthbound cannot transform their "host" to reveal Visages (See: Pantheons). Unless the Demon is currently possessing a willing Thrall, Visages lie dormant. If a Reliquary is destroyed, it is the same as the death of a host for a Demon in a human body. (See: Death and Returning)
Demons in reliquaries have other problems as well. A reliquary is not a human host; it has no memories for the Demon to rely on, making it harder for a newly returned Demon understand society. Earthbound still possess Skills, but may not have any Skill higher than his Dominion score. Skill points higher than his Dominion are not lost, but are unusable. The Skills of temporarily possessed Thralls are not available to the Demon, unless he has been prepared for it when the Pact was formed (See: Thralls).



Note: Because the Demon must possess a prepared reliquary in order to become one of the Bound, newly returned Demons cannot normally become Earthbound.

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