Because of their otherworldly nature yet having understanding of the world, Demons can sense supernatural energies around him. These supernatural effects can be anything from detecting that a person or item is supernatural in some way, to sensing the casting of a powerful Ritual from miles away.
Each of the Modi have their specialty when relating to the awareness, as a side-effect of their chosen method of return.

Modus Specialty Awareness
Rebirth Mortal magics (Ex: psychic abilities, Mage Spheres, sorcery)
Reanimation Death effects (Ex: Domain of Death, Death Sphere, ghosts, vampires, zombies, death spirits)
Merging Spirit magic (Ex: Werewolf gifts, Spirit Sphere, spirit Numina and Influences)
Possession Inhabitation (Ex: Anything inhabited by an immaterial being including other Demons, Fetishes and other possessed)
Revivication Life effects (Ex: Domain of Awakening, Life Sphere, healing magics, werewolf regeneration)
Incarnation Twilight beings (Ex: spirits, ghosts, mages, etc. in the Twilight)
Binding Items (Ex: Fetishes, Talismans, Relics, Artifacts, Fetters)

Roll of Wits + Composure, any successes on the roll will tell any Demon that something is up, but they won't know what it is unless its in their "area of expertise". Then successes are counted normally with more successes achieved on the roll, the more information gained. One success simply detects that it exists. Two tells the direction. Three adds distance. Four or more gives detailed information (like a specific ability or recognizing who preformed the effect). The more powerful the effect is, the easier it is to detect (adding dice to roll at ST discretion). The awareness only works within a certain range and effects get more difficult to detect the further away it is from the Demon. The Demon's Dominion score is the awareness’s maximum range in miles and for every mile away the effect is, the roll is penalized by 1 dice.

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