Appendix One: Pantheons

Upon reaching a certain level of inherent power many Demons wish to cloth themselves in a divine mantle.
By wreathing itself in the beliefs of the mortal people, a Demon can become an angel, devil, god, forest spirit, elemental, etc. Mortals have more power than any Demon would like to admit. They have the power of belief and faith. When enough mortals have a similar belief, such as the existence of angels, Demons are able to use that belief to assume that physical, spiritual, emotional and moral form. Anything that mortals believe in, a Demon is capable of becoming.

The most acclaimed advantage becoming a member of a Pantheon grants is the gaining of a Revelatory Form. While Demons may be able to change their form with certain Evocations, a Revelatory Form is a partial manifestation of the Daemon itself. When a Demon joins a Pantheon, the Daemon alters itself much like when it formed the Psyche in order to return to this world.

Of all the Pantheons, these are the most recognized: The Cthonic, akin to the monstrous alien deities found in the writing of H.P. Lovecraft; The Judeo-Christian style Angelic Choir and the Fallen Horde; the fabled Oni and Rakshasa of Japanese, Chinese and Hindu legends; and the Djinn, whose Arabian legends assume fire elemental aspects.

To join a Pantheon:
A Demon cannot join a Pantheon until his Dominion score is at least 3. The Daemon must have a firm hold on this reality before it can manifest much of it's true form.
Each Pantheon has it's own requirements (like belonging to a House, Modus or having certain Domain or Skill ratings).
Pantheons are not social clubs. Although Demons of the same Pantheon may band together from time to time, A Demon does not need to find another Demon of the Pantheon in order to join said Pantheon. He simply attunes his form to the belief structures of the Pantheon.

Pantheon Creation Rules

Pantheons do not need to have prerequisites, but specific Modi or Houses are fairly standard. The next common requirement is normally Domain related, but should not exceed requiring Level 2 of a Domain (or Level 1 of 2 different Domains)
Certain Attribute Levels, Skills and Merits are also acceptable as prerequisites.

By attuning it's form to that of a mortal belief, a Demon gains that forms powers and shortcomings. While most Pantheons don't have physical vulnerabilities, they all have have some form of drawback. These drawbacks can vary in strength from Pantheon to Pantheon just as the benefits can vary. A drawback can range from physical damage from the sun to being expelled from the Pantheon for not following certain rules.

Revelatory Form
When a Demon joins a Pantheon, he gains access to additional Visages. Each Pantheon has access to normal and unique Visages that constitute the parts of the Revelatory form and are available to its members.
Pantheon members gain Revelatory Visage points as they increase in Dominion. Each dot in Dominion that a Demon possesses, counts as 2 Visage points to spend on Revelatory Visages in his Pantheon's list. For Example: A Demon with a Dominion rating of 3 would have 6 Visage points to spend on his list of Visages. He could buy any combination of Visages in his Pantheon list that add up to 6 or less. When His Dominion rating increases from 3 to 4, he gains another 2 Visage points to spend on his list. If he had any Visage points remaining from before, he could spend them with these 2 new ones.

Cthonic, Oni - House of Coming Darkness
The Angelic Choir - The House of Enlightenment
The Fallen Horde - House of Resurgence
The Fates - The House of Judges
Djinn - The House of Mortal Desires

The Angelic Choir

Not all Demons are upset at the current god(s). Some are happy to even do work in their name. Angel sightings are not as frequent as they used to be, but most of them (at least the real ones) can be attributed to this Pantheon. The Angelic Choir are made up of those Demons that seek the betterment of mankind.
Prerequisites: Member of The House of Enlightenment
Being one of the Angelic Choir requires that the Demon never loose dots in his Psyche score. If the Demon's Psyche ever drops for any reason, the Demon looses all benefits of the Pantheon until he regains a dot in Psyche.
Revelatory Form
The following Visages may be purchased with Visage points or Experience points:
Armor, Enhance Attribute, Holy Sword (unique) and Wings

Holy Sword (• to •••, plus ••)
The Angel is able to solidify his own Faith into a Holy weapon. While many form a traditional "flaming sword", any type of melee weapon is possible. No matter what style of weapon is formed, the damage is considered Lethal unless 2 additional Visage points are spent to make the damage Aggravated. The player can buy the Visage in many different ways. For example: A sword (or club) of 1 dot (Holy Sword •) would do 1 point of Lethal damage while a sword (or Club) with an additional 2 dots (Holy Sword •••) would do 1 point of Aggravated damage (or it could do 3 points of Lethal damage). The weapon does not change once it is selected, although the player may add dots later (by increasing Dominion) to change from Lethal to Aggravated or increase damage. If desired, this Visage may be purchased a second time to represent a second (offhand) weapon.


Prerequisites: Member of The House of Coming Darkness
The Old Ones are very old, dating back to before time. Unfortunatly, they are also believed to be solely the work of the writer H.P. Lovecraft. Being so old that the world's ancestral memory barely recognizes them, it is much more difficult for these Demon's to reveal their Revelatory Forms. The Demon must spend 2 points of Faith instead of the normal 1 required to expose the Visages of their true form.
Revelatory Form
The following Visages may be purchased with Visage points or Experience points:
Camouflage, Dark Sight, Extra Limb, Many Eyes, Tentacles (unique), Towering Form and Water Breathing

Tentacles (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: Wits equal to Visage rank
The Demon has a multitude of tentacles emanating from his body. These tentacles can work in conjunction with the Demon's actions or work independently. The player must determine the function of the tentacles each round.
The first option gives an equipment bonus equal to the Visage rating to any actions that the tentacles can help the Demon perform (grappling, climbing, running, attacking, etc.)
The second allows the tentacles to independently attack multiple opponents (equal to Visage rating). Each tentacle rolling only the Demon's Strength to attack. The Demon may take his own action while the tentacles are attacking independently.

The Djinn

Prerequisites: Member of The House of Mortal Desires
People want things. So do Demons. Much of the time a Demon can get what he wants in exchange for giving the person what they want.
The Djinn cannot reap Faith from a mortal unless the mortal wishes for something from the Demon. The words "I wish" must actually be used by the mortal, even if the wish is provoked by the Demon.
Revelatory Form
The following Visages may be purchased with Visage points or Experience points:

The Fallen Hoard

Prerequisites: Psyche less than 5
Members of the Fallen Hoard take double damage from Holy Founts (such as churches) and Holy weapons.
Revelatory Form
The following Visages may be purchased with Visage points or Experience points:
Dark Sight, Extra Limb (Tail), Fiery Blood, Firewalk, Natural Weaponry and Wings


The Huldra is a seductive Norwegian forest creature. She is a stunningly beautiful woman with long hair; though from behind she appears hollow like an old tree trunk, and has an animal's tail.
Prerequisites: Female and member of The House of Mortal Desires
The Huldra must spend some time in a forest or wooded area every day. If unable to do so for more than a number of days equal to her Dominion, the Huldra will loose access to all Domain Evocations.
Revelatory Form
The following Visages may be purchased with Visage points or Experience points:
Blinding Beauty, Camouflage, Enhance Attribute (Strength) and Extra Limb (Tail)


The undead have been feared since the concept of death. Rarely can a person be found that doesn't have some fear of the dead coming back for revenge on the living, even if that fear is buried deep in their subconscious. These Demons tap into that fear to find new form.
Prerequisites: Modus of Reanimation
A countless number of zombie movies have shown the hunger of these undead. Demons of this Pantheon cannot gain Faith from Reaping mortals. While they can still gain Faith from Thralls and Founts, the Faith from human Virtues and Vices no longer feed the Demon's hunger. Flesh, on the other hand, does yield the Demon's desire. Feeding on a living mortal releases his Faith in a gruesome show of ripped flesh. Only one bite is necessary and the death of the mortal is never required. Roll for Reaping as normal, but do not include the modifiers due to Virtue or Vice.
Revelatory Form
The following Visages may be purchased with Visage points or Experience points:
Bone Weaponry (unique), Dark Sight, Infectious (unique), Pestilence and Sloughing Flesh (unique)

Bone Weaponry (• to •••, plus •)
Prerequisite: None
Part of the Demon's skeleton twists itself free of the flesh an protrudes in a dangerous fashion creating any melee weapon from a club to devastatingly serrated spine whips. The Bone Weaponry is wielded with a skill appropriate to its form and has a damage rating equal to the rating of this Visage. Multiple versions of this Visage can be purchased for the Demon that wants to fight with 2 Bone Swords or a Spine Whip and a Bone Dagger. Note: Damage is Bashing unless an additional Visage point is spent to make it Lethal.

Infectious (••••)
Prerequisite: Stamina •••
Your blood, bite or fluids are infectious in the worst way. They create zombies. While the infection does not kill, it will raise those that die in the same scene as being infected. This Visage does not give the Demon any control over any zombies created. See the Antagonists book for details on the creation of zombies. These zombies are created with a number of aspect points equal to the Demon's Dominion score and automatically possess the weaknesses of "Short-Lived" and "Vulnerability" (without gaining the extra aspect points).

Sloughing Flesh (••)
Prerequisite: None
The Demon’s flesh sloughs off in a gooey, grimy mess. Besides being hideous it makes it almost possible to properly grapple him. Subtract 4 dice from any attempt to overpower the Demon in a grapple. At the Storyteller's, discretion this power should allow the character to escape bindings without a roll.

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