Abyssal Reclaimers

"When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you."
- Friedrich Nietzsche - German philosopher (1844 - 1900)

The Abyss has always been. It is the devourer of all that comes in contact with it. Filled with entities that should not exist and those that are trapped, the Abyss is still an endless void. Suspected by many, the Abyss is self aware. When an Abyssal entitiy gets out, it tends to cause chaos and bring other things to the Abyss. This is something it likes. The Abyss wants to be all that there is. When a Demon escapes his Exile, the Abyss becomes angry. Something that belonged to it got away. The Abyss fights back. Most Demons feel this in their Turmoil. While Turmoil is mainly a result of the world rejecting them, it is also the Abyss trying to pull them back. This pull is only a soft tug after the Demon has forged his Psyche and found a host. That is when the Abyss takes a more active role.

The Abyss has taken a clue from the Demons that have escaped it. Small power in the material world is acceptable. So the Abyss sends parts of itself to seek out these escapees and bring them back. The Abyss does this in a similar fashion to the Demons Modi. In fact, Abyssal Modi are the same as the Demon versions. What better way to hunt your prey than to become like them.

So rise the Abyssal Reclaimers. Set upon the world to reclaim that which has escaped the clutches of the Abyss. Of course, if the Reclaimer can claim new things for the Abyss (like the minds and souls of mortals), then all the better.

All Modi, but the Incarnate, are open to the Abyssal Reclaimers. There are some things the material world just doesn't allow. There are very few Abyssal Merged. Only the most depraved of individuals desire to blend with the Abyss, although the Abyss is not above using trickery to convince a mortal to merge. The most common Abyssal Modi are the Bound, Possessed, Revived and Reanimated.

The Abyssal Reclaimers must forge a Psyche just like Demons do. The only difference is that the Reclaimers tend to spiral down much faster since they're not trying to avoid the Abyss. When the Reclaimer's Psyche reaches zero, it returns to the Abyss leaving it's host behind (usually in a twisted heap).

Abyssal Reclaimers do not gain Faith the same way Demons do. They cannot gain Faith from Thralls or Reaping. Instead, they steal Faith from Demons, by destroying Founts and by devouring the souls of mortals.

Abyssal Reclaimers have the same access to Domains as normal Demons. They also have access to other Domains that normal Demons do not. Hive and Chaos.

The Reclaimers are affected by Turmoil just as a normal Demon.

Abyssal Pantheons are the only Pantheons available for Abyssal Reclaimers.

When the host is killed (or destroyed), the Abyssal portion returns directly to the Abyss. They do not have the option of "returning again". Any attempts to "Consume" an Abyssal Reclaimer by a Demon rips away a point of Dominion as it hollows out part of the Daemon and replaces it with part of the Abyss. However, this is the only way for a Demon to learn Abyssal Domains, if he desires it.

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Domain of Chaos - From the oWoD Demon Earthbound book, adapted of course.
Abyssal Pantheon - thinking of things that look all cool and black, nullifying of Demon's Domain, and stuff

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